Scottish Soil

Hi everyone,

Since January, a lot has happened. A few students came over to study at SAMS from VHL and although we hadn’t met them during our stay there, we soon hit it off and used our new friendships as an excuse to go gallivanting around the west coast.

Because of this excuse to explore, the past few months have been filled with beach trips, sea dips and ferry journeys to Mull. Exploring ruined castles, empty jails and open gardens, its been an adventure to say the least. Feel free to go over and explore our Instagram to see what we have been up to!

As summer hurries on by and 4th year grows closer, it seems a shame we haven’t recorded all the amazing times on something more permanent than snapchat memories…so lets start now.  The aim will be to give an insight to university life; I cannot guarantee dissertation stress will be too interesting to read about but for now, it is summer so the next few posts will be full of sunny days and excitement.

The next post coming up will be all about last weeks camping and boat trip to Staffa and the Treshnish Isles.

So see you then



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