To say it has been a while since we posted would be an understatement, but it has been exam season and what can I say? we are hard working students!

The first assessment we endured was the creation of a scientific poster about a key issue on an island of our choice, we both stayed loyal and chose Scottish islands- of course, stick to what you know right? And then had to present them to the class in a ‘Poster Market’. Everyone was terrified in the run up, but once we got going the atmosphere relaxed and it ended up being quite enjoyable. Everyone’s posters looked fab and it was really interesting to hear all about the different islands that had been chosen.

We also had 3 exams, one of Cost Benefit Analysis where we had to apply the CBA to a scientific paper of our choice, the second was a theory exam encompassing what we had learned in our Life Histories, Tropical Ecology and Socio-Economic lectures, and lastly we had an Eco Research exam where we were provided with a case study and had to explain the methodology we would use in such an experiment and the statistical analysis we would conduct.

During all this we squeezed in an impromptu stop over to London to support a best friend, came back and delved straight in to finishing and handing in our 10,000 word essay comparing the Sustainable Island Management of two Caribbean islands. Which we then did a 15 minute presentation on yesterday.

Squeezed in a visit to the amazing Whale exhibition currently being run at the Natural History Museum in London!

Sorry did I say we had been busy?

Well that brings us right up to date, to yesterday in fact. We now have the weekend to relax, then we spend next week preparing our projects for St. Eustatius before we leave next Sunday! Can not believe this trip to the sun has come around so quickly, we have been talking about it since we applied for this course. The 20 days (!!!!!) that we are there will include guest lectures from researchers, diving in the coral reefs, hiking in the Quill, bird surveys with mist nets and SO SO much more.

But for now that is it from us, I’m sure the next post will just be a flurry of photos from Caribbean so I hope you look forward to it.

Ivy and Danielle x




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